Will RBP support Big Fish Bay in 2021?

VBS directors are amazing! We recently asked about your plans for this coming summer during our VBS brainstorming survey. It was thrilling to hear your success stories of hosting your digital or social-distanced VBS this past summer. As expected, we also learned that COVID-19 caused a delay in almost half of the churches planning to host Big Fish Bay VBS. Mid-summer, we encouraged churches in this situation to purchase all of the resources needed right now for next year. At the time, our warehouse space would not allow for two themes at one time. We've since made some changes that will allow us to continue offering Big Fish Bay while supplies last.

Supplies are limited for VBS 2020 products. If your church is planning to use Big Fish Bay in 2021, we strongly recommend purchasing all resources now. (Don't forget crafts when ordering ahead!) You’ll want to order them now so you don’t miss out on those great resources.

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